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Axios Bands Reviews & Ratings

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Axios Apple Watch band

Easy to attach to watch. Leather band seems to be very good. Color is perfect.

Great Product

The wristband is extremely comfortable and looks good.

Like the apple one but a bit stretchier

I like it! I usually have mine on the third hole on the Apple one but it’s a little too loose and the second hole is a little too tight. This band is a little stretchier and comfier. The fit is just right

Too long

There is no way to shorten this band? Please adopt

There is a way to shorten the band. I will send you an email with instructions on how to do that.

Returning that one too👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Returning the bands too too wide👎🏽


I never received the yellow band that I ordered. They kept sending me the wrong color and finally just gave me a refund. The bands that I do have I like.

Leather & Steel Fitbit Band For Versa 3 / 4 - Sense 1 / 2 (15 color options)

Wrong band

Was sent the wrong band for my versa4. Could not contact you. Please contact me so I can get the correct band. [****]

Sorry the bad doesn't work for your Versa 4. As the product title and description say, this band works for the Versa and Versa 2, but not Versa 4. No worries, we'll exchange it for you. You can always contact us at info@axiosbands.com, or call us at 208-908-7096.

I really like the band. It fits perfectly

I’ve worn it less than a week & the magnet came unglued. I’ll try to superglue it tonight to see if that’ll work

Beautiful Color

I love the thinness of the band. It’s one hole too big so I’ll add one to get a tighter fit

Great watch band

I love it!

Comes apart

It feels nice doesn’t react to my skin but falls off all the time

Please reach out to customer service at info@axiosbands.com so we can help address the issue. Thank you!

Class up your iWatch

The metal Apple watchbands upgrade the look of the watch. Taking it from commercial looking to stylish.


I love my watch band. Looks very expensive but cost minimal.

My favorite Apple Watch Band

But unlike the official Apple leather, magnetic closure band the color doesn’t wear off on the “bumps” in three months. I just replaced an Axios 18 month old band I had worn 23/7. One hour a day to charge watch.

Feels good

The band holds my watch firmly to my wrist. I love how easy it is to put on and take off. My only (small) complaint is that I have a VERY small wrist and the band almost wraps around to the screen. I have yet to find a band that’s small enough.


If I knew Then what I know now I wouldn’t buy them. I have a charger 4 and the band will not stay attached to the watch. You move/turn your wrist and the band pops free. I won’t be recommending these to anyone.

Sorry to hear you're disappointed. Please reach out to customer service. We have a free 30 day return policy you're welcome to take advantage of. You can reach us at info@axiosbands.com

Silicone Fitbit Band For Charge 5 & 6 - 11 color options
Patricia Eversole
Quality of the silicone bands

II liked the bands easy to work with. Have good selections and good price.

Not Up to Snuff

My Black Magnetic (leather look) Apple Watch Band was way too large for my wrist. Customer Service suggested I cut it down (which I’ve done) and offered to send me a 2nd band for free. The Band looks OK after cutting, but the magnet is not as strong as I'd like it to be. So I’m rating the product 3 stars our of 5 stars.

Band Closure a real problem

The band closure does not hold. Because of that it’s a useless band.

This is usually not a problem with this band, please reach out to customer service so we can correct the issue. info@axiosbands.com